The grand return

After completing the crossing of Greenland, we had a few hours to wait for our pick up. I packed up all my gear except for my sleeping bag, I literally crawled inside it and fell straight to sleep. I dreamed about a blank canvas ready to be painted. My paint was made from the blood of all the creatures I had taken the lives of during my first life changing expedition around the coast of New Zealand. In this dream I painted a tribute to them all as a way of honouring them...I woke to the dull thud of big chopper approaching from the north. It was a mad rush to get the sleeping bag back inside and ready for our departing journey. The chopper came in for one wind check before touching down 3 metres in front of the team. My mind was full of emotion as we loaded our gear in, we had done it! 30 days on an ice cap in honour of Fridtjof Nansen, an opportunity to discover a side of myself I never knew and reconnect with the side I do! As the helicopter gently lifted off the snow I was filled with a sadness that this adventure was over, yet a happiness that the whole team had overcome all the challenges that we faced. I’ll say it again, we freeking did it!