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On the ice-Day 28/29

Day 28/29 My day started at 10am yesterday. The tent was packed and we were about to set off on our biggest day yet. We were going to walk 58km to the end! Teamed up with the British team we managed to make good distance on the first few legs. We stoped for lunch after our fourth leg to prepare for what was coming. Our guide, Bengt, took the lead and followed his marks on his GPS, making sure we weren’t going to fall down any crevasses. It got steeper, but the conditions got better. As the sun started to get lower in the sky, we hit our first big hill! I have never gone down hills on touring skis before, it was a wild ride for sure! The sled took off, dragging me behind it. It was going so fast, pulling me left right and centre! I fell over three times on that hill but I felt I was getting the hang of it! We stopped for a food break at the bottom of the hill.

All I had left to eat at this point was chocolate, now usually this wouldn’t be a bad thing, but my tongue and lips are wind burnt and raw. The chocolate made my tongue sting but it tasted so good! The more time that went by, the more tired I became, the more my tounge became inflamed. The next hill was even bigger but I managed to make it down without falling! I could feel the end nearing...mountains had started to appear , what an amazing feeling. We had just about finished, this adventure was just about over. At hour 19 the end was in sight, my skins came off and the sliding became much easier. I was so tired. By this stage the sun had set and we were skiing towards the ocean, the full moon had risen and it was absolutely beautiful. It was pure magic. Two hours later the sun came back up and we were on the final downhill stretch! CRACK! My binding broke free from my ski and I watched helplessly as the ski disappeared down into the

sea fog that was creeping up the valleys. Luckily we were so close to the finish and I could walk the last 1km. The feeling I got when I finished was so unreal, it was sad but pure, it was full of clarity. A very special moment and one of the most special experiences I have ever had. I am so happy I could share it with the rest of the Antarctic Heratage trust inspiring explorers team! A huge thank you to the Antarctic Heritage Trust, my family and my Ngaio.

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