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On the ice - Day 27

The snow conditions were the worst they have ever been, it’s like a test to see how tough it can get before we finish. It wasn’t deep powder though, it was warm snow and it was sticking to the skins on the bottom of my skis. Warm snow means we are getting lower and the air temperature is much warmer, especially when you compare it to some of the previous temperatures we were walking in.

We are sticking with the British team for the rest of our journey. Our team lead the first leg of the day, then we alternated for the following legs. When it was my turn to lead, I struggled to lift my legs up out of the snow. I was finding it so hard because of the added weight of the sucky snow! I made sure nobody else knew I was struggling though, power hour with Brando must go on! Haha.

As the day went on the conditions improved. By the afternoon we were properly skiing! If I did two fast steps my skis would slide about 3 metres, made the afternoon a bit more fun. It is so exciting that downhill is getting steeper as we get closer to the end.

On the last leg of the day it was snowing quite hard, my head was down and I think I fell asleep while walking... it was the strangest experience. I didn’t fall over or anything I just kept on moving but I felt like I ‘woke up’ when I walked into the back of one of the team members sleds!

It was a really productive day today, we covered just over 32km. Now that I’m in camp I feel like a complete wreck, my body is tired and my mind needs rest.

Tomorrow is the last day on the ice cap, we should arrive on the coast in the late hours of tomorrow evening.

I can’t wait to get off the icecap but it’s going to be sad that the expedition is over. Hoping for an awesome last day with the team!

Have you been following on the TrackMeNZ inREACH gps tracker? You can see below the end is near, here's the link if you want to take a look;

Here are a few tips on how to display the full track we have followed so far.

Click 'menu' on the top left,

Click 'participants'

Click 'Filter by category'

Click 'All',

Click the 'Wildboy' icon on map,

Click 'Path'.

Then the full path as shown on the map below will pop up.

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