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New Zealand - The birth of  Wildboy.

First solo circumnavigation of the rugged New Zealand coastline. An Expedition that took 600 days traveling 8700km

living of the land and sea. This was my journey into manhood. 

Stewart Island - Reconnecting with the world.

Alone on Stewart Island. One of New Zealand's most remote islands. An expedition that covered 700km of the most unforgiving landscape, sub-alpine rain forests and constant 40knot winds this was a 32 day Journey of pure exploration. 

Nepal - Giving back in the Himalayas.

I spent 15 days in the beautiful country of Nepal on an expedition to help the people of the Himalayas. A Kiwi family and myself dove into the culture with medical supplies and clothing because we wanted to make a positive difference.

Greenland - polar icecap crossing.

I was one of four people selected to travel to Greenland to cross the ice cap. We are doing this in honour of Fridtjof Nansen as it is the 130th year anniversary since he became the first person to cross the ice cap of Greenland.

Vancouver island - Circumnavigation.

My life partner Ngaio and I spent 70 days kayaking the coastline of Vancouver island in Canada, the true test of our relationship, this was an opportunity to grow together. This was my favourite expedition.

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