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On the ice-Day 24

I woke this morning to the sound of snow falling on the tent. Its such a beautiful sound, but it meant it was going to be a hard physical day.

I got up and changed into my outside gear, I was pleasantly surprised with how warm it was, around -9 degrees I think...toasty warm!

I loaded my sled, packed down the tent and headed over to the group. The snow was so deep, our guide Bengt lead the way. His skis disappeared into the powder and his sled flattened us a path. I was number two, by the time I had followed Bengt and my sled had flattened the path more, it was pretty easy going for the rest of the team behind me. I decided to sing to lift everyones spirits, not sure how successful I was!

On our third leg of the day I spotted something to the left of our line. I shouted "a track, a track!"... We headed over to check it out.

There is a team who is about a day ahead of us and we could follow their flattened path. It was a great relief to have something be a little easier, we were all pretty chatty and perky for the rest of the day.

We had a team meeting today to discuss our timing and our pick up, we may be getting picked up by a helicopter instead of a boat to buy us a little more time. Nothing is set in stone however, see how the next few days go!

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