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On the ice-Day 23

Definitely the biggest day yet, and its only the beginning of the big ones. We have been up for 16 hours and have only just started boiling water for dinner. It was a warm start tp the morning which was nice, but it made the snow soft. At about 10am it started dumping down with snow, it was a complete white out for most of the day which led us astray. The dynamics changed a bit today, Bridget and Holly went at the end of the line and Keith and I were rotating at the front of the line, doing two shifts each at the front. We did this to try to set a faster pace and keep it up for the day!

The powder was unreal, 30cm of fresh snow . It would have been great if we were on a mountain and we could ski down. Im pretty tired after a day walking through the fresh snow, I was dreaming about my skis back home that would have been perfect for these conditions.

All our hard work today gained us 31km which is an awesome effort considering the conditions. I had a really positive day today and I feel as though the team did too.

Bridget wrote the team poems, this was the start of mine...

Brando the wildboy had left his beloved New Zealand to delve into the white abyss,

a new place he wanted to explore.

Surrounded by thousands of kilometres of ice,

made him ponder and start to think twice...

It gets really good but it's a bit long to write on a satellite phone so you will have to wait until i'm back for the rest of the poem!

Photos from todays blog are from the Inspiring explorers page, big thanks to them!

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