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On the ice-Day 14

We survived the most epic hurricane I have ever experienced...It was the only hurricane I have ever experienced but man it was full on. 137km per hour winds, zero visibility and snow that hits your face like a shards of glass. I found the storm pretty exciting as I waited for it to grow to its full force. The tent was flapping sooo much I wasn't sure it was going to stay in one piece, we eventually drifted off to the screaming wind.

I woke up at 4am, the wind was deafening and the inside of the tent was thrashing around because of the intensity of the storm. I poked my head outside the tent to see mother nature showing off. The wind was hitting the wall we had built and going straight over our tents, it was working! Without that wall there was no way our tents would have held together.

We had a tent day today, Keith and I were in our own tent and everyone else squeezed into the big one. I spent my time drawing, I enjoy drawing figures so I got creative in my diary. Its inserting comparing my drawing and pictures from different adventures iv'e have been on, it's very easy to tell what mood I was in (whilst drawing) when you look at them!

At 6pm the wind started to ease, Bengt our guide announced it was time to pack up and get walking. I sprung into action as I was getting pretty bored after so long in the tent!

We had to dig our tents out of 2 meters of fresh snow, we are pretty quick at setting up and packing down the tent compared to day one. 15 minutes later we were off, the sky was blue , the sun came out and it was so nice and still. Then, on the horizon, I COULD SEE IT! Dye II, my excitement levels were through the roof. Half way mark here we come! The forecast for tomorrow is looking good and I'm looking forward to covering some ground.

Sorting our food before we set off on the ice!

P.S Still no Polar bears

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