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On the ice-Day 13

I woke up early this morning, the team was only walking until midday because of an anticipated storm. The updated forecast this morning said the incoming weather was a hurricane with wind gusts higher than I have ever experienced. We all wanted to make the most of our time before the storm so we began walking at 8am. We walked for 4 hours and covered 9km.

During that time we spotted the British team (who shared their M&Ms with us) a few kms to our left. It looked like they were having a tent day due to the wind.

Around midday the wind really started to pick up so we finished walking and began to dig the camp in. We dug 1 meter into the ice to set the tents up lower than the ground. We fastened the tents down with everything we had, our skis, poles and pegs. I couldn't imagine the tents getting blown away after that!

Our guide, Bengt, then pulled out about 25 meters of rope and began lashing the tops of the tents together. Thats when I realised this could be a pretty full on storm, especially since I had thought the last one was big.

Snow fight!

We spent 5 hours digging and my body is absolutely wrecked.

Our great wall of Greenland is 2.6meters high, 2meters wide and 10meters long.

Before we went in for the evening we checked the wind speed, its currently at 80km per hour and climbing. I can't say I've ever camped through a hurricane so this is a first for me. Its pretty exciting! Still no sign of the half way mark...

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