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On the ice-Day 12

Last nights sleep was like trying to sleep in a deep freezer, cold in an understatement. My breath had frozen to the outside of my sleeping bag and I had ice in my eye lashes.

The morning routine was a challenge, my hands didn't want to move and it felt like I didn't even have fingers. I wore my face mask for the first time today, there was a tiny gap on my cheek leaving it exposed, the cold air hitting it felt like fire!

To break up the day i decided to find out why my team members were doing this expedition. I skied with Bridget and chatted about her goals and dreams and her reasons for being here. Bridget said she believes nature has a way of revealing your true self, she uses these adventures as a chance to evaluate and reset things in her life. Bridget came to Greenland to fully immerse herself in the journey, physically, mentally and emotionally. I thought that was such a great way to look at this trip, learning other peoples reasons opens my mind to what is important to myself and others. Its surprising how we can all be doing the same thing, but for such different reasons.

Bridget geared up and ready for action

The days are getting longer, we covered 24km today which was awesome, hopefully we can keep it up. Tomorrow we get to rest for half the day and walk for half the day. This is due to a storm that is forecast. If we are lucky it won't be as strong as the last storm and it will pass quickly.

The horizon plays tricks on you, you see things that aren't there. This ice cap is like looking out on the ocean that stretches as far as the eye can see, except its frozen. Im keeping my eye out for the Dye-II, it is a big black building with a white dome on top. It is part of an old radar network used by the USA to keep an eye on Russia during the cold war. In my mind it marks the half way point of our journey across the ice. Believe it or not i've seen it four times! The first time it turned out to be a bit of ice, the second time it was also ice... I haven't seen the real thing yet.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day!

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