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On the ice-Day 11

Today was about learning for me.

I’m so used to walking at my own pace and covering large distances. It is a new experience for me to have to move as fast as the slowest team member.

Something else I have learnt is that being the slowest is not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't mean that you are unfit, or that you are weaker. It can mean that you are steady and consistent. It means you won't burn out and need two days of rest, it means you are less likely to get sick because you aren't run down. I learnt that being in a team has its pros and cons. A big con is if one of you gets sick your pretty much all doomed haha. If you are lucky, you don't all get sick at the same time, then you are able to help each-other.

But for the pros, if you are sore and tired there’s normally someone there who can carry your gear and help you out... and at the moment, that’s me!

I have decided my new nickname is' Wild mule'. Im carrying two tents and enough fuel to melt a hole through the ice back to New Zealand!

It’s also wonderful to be able to share such a beautiful adventure with a great bunch people. The chats and the opportunity to be myself and share real emotions is one of the greatest feelings. I’m definitely the type to hide my real emotions from friends and colleagues and open up/break down/lash out to the ones closest to me. Being able to talk and be open and comfortable is such a relief, there is no big build up of emotions that drag me down. The feeling of being true to myself is so rewarding. I can’t wait to integrate this way of being into my life with my family, Ngaio and her family.

Taking refuge inside my hood

So we are 11 days in, we have hit the long stretch of white which will become very familiar over the next few weeks. My body is holding up well, my back has given me no pain! Fingers crossed this lasts after I have finished this trip. My feet are my main worry, I'm trying to get them to dry every night in bed but having to go back into damp socks for the entire day each morning is taking its toll. The blisters haven't gotten worse yet which is a relief. Ill be interested to see how my body feels after a few days of carrying extra gear!

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