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On the ice-Day 10

Before the storm hit, the sun gave Keith a hiding. It seems a little ironic as he is one of the Australians in the team, so I assumed he would be used to blazing relentless sun. But no, he has been grilled like a shrimp on the barbie and now his face is peeling. When I sleep I’m not sure if it’s snow falling on my face or Keith’s skin!

Keith before he got sizzled

The skiing today was great, just very very cold. I couldn’t find my wind stopper underwear so I borrowed some pure merino wool from Hollie to stuff down my pants (because I don’t want frost bite where it counts!). Bridget must of had cold legs too, she's rocking a Kathmandu jacket that has been converted into a skirt to stop the wind from racing between her legs.

Two hours after we left camp, an English team appeared out of the white abiss waving, saying "we finally caught up". We all shook hands and introduced ourselves, one of the ladies brought out a bag of M&Ms and passed them around our team, what a treat! We said our goodbyes and they disappeared into the white.

The team moral is great, it is almost like we take turns to jolly each other a long. I am loving being part of a group expedition. I have done my expeditions solo which has taught me a lot and been an amazing experience. But I love to share my experiences with others. I have been planning all sorts of adventures to do with my Ngaio when I return. We have three messages per day to communicate, it sounds like she has a few adventures planned as well!

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