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On the ice-Day 7

It was a very warm morning, I woke up sweating in my sleeping bag, thats a first!

The sun was blasting the tent, it was actually very nice to be warm for once in the morning. Breakfast was 300g of oats with four dates. The team was up at 7am and packed up and away by 9am. Bridget and Hollie have quite bad colds so it won't be long until we are all sniffing... I had the first navigation leg today, it’s great to have soming different to look at other than my feet. My bearing to follow was 150• and the aim of this is to walk as straight as you can. It went well and my line was pretty straight...I think. The rest of the day I spent in my head, thinking deep meaningful thoughts, about how i can better myself and be better to the ones I love... then I had lunch. So, since i was a child I have always been very effected by what i eat, sugar, caffeine, and blue food colouring send me absolutely bonkers. Certain artificial colours and many different types of drugs really effect my mental state. Well...for lunch I had YumYum noodles, delicious msg laced spicy goodness. These really got me going, whether it was the salt or the msg or what... but I was buzzing!

Half naked Brando in -12 degrees singing and dancing, skiing circles around the rest of the team as we walked along. They were all so tired and I think they got a bit annoyed that I had so much energy! Oh the joys of ADHD!

My biggest thought for the day was how I acted growing up.

Looking back, I treated my parents like shit. I have never been able to understand why I wanted negative reactions from my mum and dad. I think part of it is because the 'hate' emotion is so strong and so much easier for me than the love emotion. It was my quick fix of attention, sure it wasn’t the good kind but it was the kind my ADHD brain was craving then. It really hits me in the heart to know that I was making my families lives hell by telling them almost daily I hated them and I wished they would die. It wasn’t true but I couldn’t stop myself from doing it, or from feeling so out of control and out of my own head. I’m glad I have grown out of that way of thinking, Im not perfect but I think in my own head I have come a long way. I had a Tiffany today (kinda like an epiphany but easier to spell)...It was my thoughts on what adventure means to me. Command & conquer are the first words that spring to mind for me "Commanding my body and Conquering my mind".

Over all I’m feeling good in my body and mind, I have some sore spots on my feet but that I can fix, all up a wonderful day for me!

Fact of the day-Fridtjof Nansen was 35 when he retired from exploreing and went on to be a humanitarian!

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