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On the ice-Day 6

Last night was a shit night! I vomited six times. I think it was the salami I added to my dinner, half heated meat never gos down well. But I still seem to try to eat meat every time i travel. Each time I got inside the tent from being sick I was so cold. I had to bring the stove inside and start it up to warm the tent as fast as I could.

I didn’t sleep too well after that. This morning I woke with hunger pains and sore muscles from having no food in my body. I managed to keep down 300g of oats with four dates and I felt as good as new! Keith and I are getting much better at the pack up in the morning. He has been given the title waterboy because most of the time he melts the ice for us to drink, I normally pack down the tent. I guess you could call me Tentboy!

We left dog camp at 9:04, 4 minuets late. The way the day works at the moment is walk for 50 minutes stop for 10, do that eight times. If we are late we have to catch up, so we finished four minutes later! Today the long stretching landscapes threw my mind into the clouds.I thought a lot about how I live my life and the way I treat the ones I love. I know I need to make changes.

It’s good to have realised that, now I have to think about how I can make those changes in my life. Plenty of time for that.

Camp setup went well and today we traveled 15.8km. For dinner we had Lamb stew and it was delicious! Perhaps anything would taste good at the moment haha.

I’m finding this trip really easy from a physical place other than the cold and the vomiting! At the moment, the way I describe my head space is beautifully boring.

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