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On the ice-Day 5

Today was the first day where everything was flat, no more hills! We travelled about 20km today and made it to dog camp. It was a good day until I became sick. It feels like a tummy bug, nausea and vomiting.

Dog camp is flat, theres nothing here just ice ice and more ice. The horizon is playing tricks on my mind, morphing the never ending white into hills and glaciers and houses.

I was feeling so good before I got sick, its crazy how you take advantage of your body until it isn't working properly, then all you do is wish it was back to normal and you promise to the body gods that you will never mistreat your body again if only you can feel better. Then as soon as you are well you forget how rotten you felt and go back to taking feeling good for granted!

I wonder if Nansen ever got sick, whatever struggles I'm having, they are nothing compared to what Nansen faced! The contrast in the gear alone is mind boggling.

Today my team mate Hollie shared her music with me, it made the day feel like it went much faster, damn, should have brought some head phones.

I found out today that I have used two thirds of my data already and its only day five! I am gutted!

Im so used to having access to as many emails and txts as I need so I'm feeling stressed about getting my content back to Ngaio and checking in. But that is the reality of being isolated on an ice cap!

It is -19 outside, so so cold. I feel like crap, I need to feel better soon because vomiting is not a fun way to cross the ice cap, plus the polar bears might be able to track us down.

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