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On the ice-Day 4

I woke up today feeling hungrier that usual, I decided to jazz up my porridge with dates, baby formula and butter, wasn't too bad!

The camp spot last night was at the edge of the ice fall. Today we have been walking on smooth ice, uphill. I can't wait until we reach the half way point and start heading down. But, that is still a long way away so I won't go there in my head yet.

We had our skis on by 9am , I was running late because I was frantically trying to set up my Goal Zero Solar kit so I could make the most of the sunny day. By the time I was ready the rest of the team was long gone. I wasn't too worried, I knew I could catch up. They must have known too, I don't think they left me there as polar bear bait... did they?

I went a little bit cross country over the last of the hills so I could catch up faster, I had to be careful on the blue ice because it is so slippery!

I came to the end of the hills and hit a long flat area, the great white expanse spread out ahead of me and it hit me, why?! Why am I here walking across Greenland?

If i'm being honest, all I can come up with is 'because I want to'. I've got 21 days to figure it out because I know its more than that.

The next 7 hours I spent getting lost in my own brain, it's something I hope I can make you understand over the next 20 days. My mind is still racing and keeping me preoccupied. I started singing today I sounded terrible, it didn't matter because most of the team had their head phones in. Not me though im just enjoying exploring my mind and all of its pizza.

I feel great but I miss Ngaio, I miss her touch, her smile, her hair, her little excited dance she does. Im trying not to count down the days but secretly im counting every second.

I foolishly looked at a map today and saw how far we have gotten in four days and how far we have to go, its a big job! By the time we have made it across we will have learnt and been through so much.

It is very beautiful but very repetitive! Tomorrow we are off to a spot called dog camp. It is where the dog powered crossings leave from. Its a pretty big milestone as its where the glaciers end and it will mark the 5th day down, there was a lot of talk that the 5th to 10th days would be the hardest.

Lots to look forward to then!

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