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On the ice-Day 3

Bad dreams on the ice are not cool!

I dreamt I was falling down a huge crevasse, gaining speed and plunging into darkness. I woke before my imminent death and felt very very glad it was just a stupid dream.

It put me out a bit so today I was much more careful. What do you know, today we came across heaps of crevasses.

Keith and I got ready for another day of walking, we had porridge for breakfast in the tent. We then pulled down the tent and packed it into my sled. We set off as a team at 9am, walking into the falling snow. The terrain was up up up and it will continue to be up for the next 12 days. After that we will have reached the middle of the cap (hopefully) and we will start making our way down.

Today we gained about 250 meters in elevation and covered approximately 10km.

The terrain is very hilly in the ice fall and there are loads of crevasses.

Crevasses are usually deep, steep, and thin. They are particularly dangerous because what can happen is something called a snow bridge. This occurs when a layer of snow forms over a crevasse, making it appear to safe/invisible. Snow bridges blend in with the surrounding landscape, hiding the crevasse, snow bridges that are thin, can not hold a persons weight.

When was in NZ people would ask me about crevasses, I thought there wouldn't be any where we were going haha how wrong I was.

I named by sled! Isuma is its name, its a word from the inuit people. It is hard to describe the meaning in writing. Isuma is your strength, its your pride, its what you believe in and what you stand for.

I love where I have been and I feel excited about whats to come. My hips are getting a little sore but my feet are doing great and my head space is even better! (Feet, back and head space were my biggest concerns)

My quote of the day... "I believe you will never truly know who you are, unless you isolate yourself from humanity and go on your own journey"

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