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On the ice-Day 2

I woke up at 0730 busting to pee. This isn't the best scenario to be in, you cant just nip outside to pee because you will get frostbite where you should NEVER get frost bite. You really don't want to pee on yourself because drying out clothes here will take a long time, plus, you will be smelly. So i’m rushing around trying to get my gear on and trying not to pee in said gear. Just one of the many things I hadn't thought about.

Keith and I are tent buddies at the moment which is awesome. Im sure we will get to know each other very well, very quickly.

We covered 7kms today, the terrain was very steep. We have a great routine, walking for 50 minutes then resting for 10. I feel as though I am getting into the swing of things. I can feel my body adjusting and adapting and my mind settling into a rhythm. I am looking forward to loosing the jet lag, every time we stop I could happily nod off to sleep.

I have a small niggle in my hip flexor, I think this may be from dragging the sledge, but the biggest relief for me is I have no pain in my back at the moment!

Today we had to navigate our way over the blue ice, this was a challenge as it is very slippery and very hard (as i soon found out). Blue ice is the permanent frozen mass covered in snow.

We climbed near 400m up to our beautiful little camp spot. For dinner we had beef stew with mashed potato and added extra butter for extra “oomph”.

I feel like we are coming together as a team really well, its so cool that we have 25 days together to get to know each other and get to know ourselves a bit more. Its going to be epic!

Its now snowing quite hard and we are snuggled in for sleep

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