Greenland (My last night in New Zealand)

Checks followed by rechecks, panicked last minute trips to the shops and the odd flutter in the tummy. Just a few of the things happening on my last day before the adventure begins. 

It is a strange state to be in, so close to the start that you just want it to begin already, but feeling apprehensive and wanting just a little more time to prepare.

There is no room for self doubt. A little part of my mind creeps into the place where i keep my 'what ifs'. What if i don't fit in with the team, what if we don't complete the mission, what if one of us gets hurt.

As usual, I've been thrown a curve ball. Ngaios dad calls me 'Brando neveradullmoment Yelavich' and it is starting to seem more and more true. I may have to change my middle name. Anyway, in 2016 I had to have surgery on my back due to a prolapsed disk.