Town to town-Expedition Dust day 108

I woke up in Charleville, I had spent the night in one of the local doctors hospital flats. She had reached out to me a few months ago and offered me a bed for the night so I took her up on the offer. She was on call all night so I didn’t actually get the chance to talk with her. When I left in the morning she had written a nice note for me.

Before I headed out of town I went back to the coffee shop and got an iced mocha, It was caramel slice day, so the small gooey slice came free with my coffee! From there I went to the local flower shop and got myself some big bright sunflowers. I decided that as I’m on a main highway now I should get something so I’m easily seen on the road, now I could have got one of those big orange vests but I decided that flowers would not only make me visible but might put a smile on someone’s face too! My final stop as I was leaving was the fruit shop. I got myself two mangos and a bunch of bananas then rode off out of town heading east! It’s an odd feeling for me being on the road, I’m not 100% sure if I actually enjoy it.

It’s really nice to be able to ride fast but the struggle has changed in this new environment, it’s still beautiful but I feel as though the wilderness is most definitely behind me. The sides of the road have fences and the farms are small. Death is everywhere, literally every 20m there’s a dead kangaroo, pig, emu or bird.