Tired of this tyre-Expedition Dust day 16

Whoever said the wind blows predominantly from the west, you lied to me! It’s been blowing from the east, in my face, for 5 days straight and today was no different. After waking up and being very pleased with my tyre patching job on the trailer (it hadn’t gone flat overnight) I got up and began my routine. Pack the sleeping bag, roll the mat, make breakfast, pack down the tent, eat breakfast and go! Today had a bit of filming in the mix too. I fluffed about for way too long-I actually wasn’t completely ready to get on my bike in till 9:40. As I was pushing my bike back to the track I must of picked up a thorn because the moment I swang my leg over the bike I realized I had my first flat for the day. I’m getting pretty quick at repairing the tyre, it takes me around 15- 20min for me to fix a hole. One of the hardest bits is getting the bike to stand up by itself. I’ve got a few different methods but am yet to find the most efficient.

It was about 10:15 when I finally actually started moving. The track was long and straight and unfortunately into the wind! It felt like someone was pushing me back slowing me down. I was only averaging 7.2km an hour and I knew that that wasn’t fast enough to get the distance I wanted to, but I can’t change the weather. The kangaroos didn’t seem to bothered with the wind and just went about doing their normal thing ( bouncing and eating).