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Tired of this tyre-Expedition Dust day 16

Whoever said the wind blows predominantly from the west, you lied to me! It’s been blowing from the east, in my face, for 5 days straight and today was no different. After waking up and being very pleased with my tyre patching job on the trailer (it hadn’t gone flat overnight) I got up and began my routine. Pack the sleeping bag, roll the mat, make breakfast, pack down the tent, eat breakfast and go! Today had a bit of filming in the mix too. I fluffed about for way too long-I actually wasn’t completely ready to get on my bike in till 9:40. As I was pushing my bike back to the track I must of picked up a thorn because the moment I swang my leg over the bike I realized I had my first flat for the day. I’m getting pretty quick at repairing the tyre, it takes me around 15- 20min for me to fix a hole. One of the hardest bits is getting the bike to stand up by itself. I’ve got a few different methods but am yet to find the most efficient.

It was about 10:15 when I finally actually started moving. The track was long and straight and unfortunately into the wind! It felt like someone was pushing me back slowing me down. I was only averaging 7.2km an hour and I knew that that wasn’t fast enough to get the distance I wanted to, but I can’t change the weather. The kangaroos didn’t seem to bothered with the wind and just went about doing their normal thing ( bouncing and eating).

One hour in my bike suddenly became very hard to ride, I looked back and sure enough I had another flat trailer tyre. I pulled the thorns out of the tyre, removed the tube, found the hole and patched it up. At this point I was already so over the tyre and had started to think up ways to create one that doesn’t need air! I think I have got it...unfortunately it would take months/years to properly manufacture so I will just have to make do!

A big problem has just become a reality, I have almost run out of patches for my tyre. I started with 25 and had a pretty good run not getting even one flat in the first 12 days but in the last 4 I have had 23 holes that needed patches. The problems are firstly I only have 2 patches left and secondly, I went to grab my spare trailer tube and it wasn’t there! It’s the only thing I don’t have a spare of with me and it was a total accident. I can visualize all three tubes in the other bikes frame bag which is 4-5 days from me.

I was gutted when I realised, I know if I have to stuff the tyre with grass my speed is going to slow down even more.

A few hours later I had flat tyre number three. I cut one of my patches in half and stuck it on. While I was waiting for it to dry I spotted one of those giant lizards watching me from his hole entrance, they are such cool creatures and very different to anything I’ve seen before. Once dry I pumped up the tyre and kept on riding.

The landscape today was quite different the ground is covered in little blueish grasses and the track had sections of white crushed rock on it ( very bright on the eyes).

On the horizon new mountains/ large hills (can’t tell which until I get closer) have appeared.

I pushed myself extra hard in the last two hours of the day to make sure despite all today’s annoying setbacks I still managed 50km. I actually rode until the sun had dropped out of view and as darkness begun to consume the landscape. I set up camp and cooked my Radix Moroccan venison dinner with a side of rice and pennut butter over a big fire.

I’m feeling nervous for the next few days and the challenges they are going to bring.

Total kilometers traveled: 550.9 km

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