The hardest part about crossing the Simpson-Expedition Dust day 87

The morning was absolutely freezing, I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag but I knew I needed to get moving if I was going to cover enough ground. Today Ben was riding with me. We pulled the bike off the truck, put a few of the stealth bike bags on and filled them with camera gear. We made ourselves some Radix for breakfast and were on the bikes at 8:30. The dunes to start were a pretty good size, the rig road doesn’t have any really huge sand dunes just lots of rolling small ones. As the day went on the dunes got bigger but I was still able to ride up them which was great.

Last night all of us talked about taking the WAA track opposed to Rig road because it was 47km shorter and would be better for the fuel situation Peter is in. I thought about it as an potential option but really wanted to stick to my original plan as that will make the crossing as easy as possible for me with all the gear I’m carrying. When we stoped for lunch I told Peter that Ben and I wanted to ride the rig. I gave him a choice, he could use the two days to get fuel somehow, then meet us where the WAA meets the knolls track or he could follow us across the desert and do what Ben and I paid nearly $3000 for.

To me the first option seemed like the best choice. It meant Ben would ride with me and film and there would be 120kgs less weight in the vehicle. He said he would think about it and tell me what he was going to do when we got to the turn off. Satisfied with my communication Ben and I started riding.  Over the next 10km the sand hills got very large and were bloody tough to get over. The sun beating down on us was definitely making the afternoon much harder. Ben decided that he was going to struggle to keep on top of the filming and ride the bike so it was probably a better idea for him to just tell Peter that he’s just going to have to come down the rig road so he can get all the shots we need, it didn’t seem like a problem considering it’s only 47km further on a road that’s going to be much more economical for his V8 truck.