The edge of the desert-Expedition Dust day 35

I’m Brando Yelavich. I am currently Cycling, self supported from the most western point to the most eastern cape across the centre of Australia to lead by example and empower others to take care of their own mental wellbeing. 

I finished yesterdays blog post quite late. It was 2330 when I closed my laptop and fired the blog off into the sky on the satellite phone. An hour after I fell asleep I woke up to a loud noise and Dylan saying, BRANDO, BRANDO WAKE UP! A Wild dog was outside the tent howling and barking. I quietly unzipped the tent and poked my head out to see if I could catch a glimpse of this elusive creature of the night. The moon was high in the sky and I could see as if it was day. The shape of a medium size dog was silhouetted no more than ten meters from where we were. The voice inside my head was saying “what are you doing, get back in the tent” but my curiosity kept me out in the cold. I watched as the dog bent its head back and began to howl again. It was there for about 15 minutes before disappearing into the night. I was so excited by the encounter I could hardly sleep!