Slow days and school talks-Expedition Dust day 111-115

The day between Mitchell and roma was very long! I grabbed a coffee before i headed out of town. I got into my riding rhythm and the day zoomed on by. I passed through two almost abandoned towns, one had a pub that had burnt down only 3 weeks before i arrived. The trees are almost all gone and i am truly entering into ‘growing’ land. As i made my way along in the afternoon both sides of the road had wheat growing as far as the eye could see. The gradient of the roads are no longer flat they are big rolling hills. I climb them slowly and fly down the other sides as fast as i can! I stopped at some huge grain silos at the top of a hill an had a little moment to accept my time in the outback is over. The road was busy with huge road trains towing upto three trailers, most of them are moving cattle as the region is in drought and there’s not enough water for the animals to survive. They would constantly whizz past me leaving a fine spray of sewage lingering in the air.

Every opportunity i get i will get off the highway, but as i get closer to the coast the opportunities are getting less and less. The highway headed down a large hill towards Roma, when i  reached the sign at the entry into Roma town  i passed some trees and the swooping began…The magpies had come out to give me a friendly welcome! They are so hard to escape, i raced through the  busy industrial part of town and decided to seek refuge from the birds under the buildings awnings. As i was pushing my bike looking for somewhere to camp, a lady approached me and complemented me on the sun flowers i have strapped onto the back of my bike. We talked for a bit and exchanged numbers as she was a teacher at the local school an