See ya Dylan-Expedition Dust day 53

I woke up this morning to Dylan saying goodbye. Dylan taught me some very important lessons about myself and about how I should treat myself. The time we spent together made me realise that I need to learn how to love every part of myself, not only the good and I need to be honest with myself. Dylan taught me about preparation of the mind. I’m so good at preparing for these massive trips and making them happen because I love it out here. I thrive with a routine and that is one of the things I need to keep my body and mind in a good place. ADHD is like the ocean, understand that it comes and goes in waves and if you’re prepared for the wave you can ride it like a surfer! If you’re not prepared you get rolled and held down. You need to learn how to ride that wave so even before it comes you can be confident and ready. Dylan has reminded me the value of friendship. What we have developed over the last month is what I would call a true friendship. It has been a awakening experience and I thank Dylan for that.

I ate my breakfast in the tent before getting up and packing up and loading my gear into the trailer. I went over and chatted to the people who were camping next to me, I find it fascinating just hearing about other people’s lives. It is too easy to get wrapped up in your own life and not talk to others and learn from them.