Rig road-Expedition Dust day 86

I woke up to the sound of a dingo, it was howling and carrying on. The sun wasn’t up yet so I rolled over and went back to sleep. Ben woke up before me and went to get some photos of the beautiful desert landscape. I packed up my gear and then walked to the tin building on the top of a a near hill, I wanted to investigate it. It was a hot shower powered by thermal water from under the ground. I couldn’t believe I was having a hot shower in the morning and that it was provided by nature!

I ate my radix with Ben then started moving. Just as I set off I spotted a Dingo diging in the sand. They are such beautiful creatures, it looks like it was the same one I came face to face with yesterday.

Riding is very different with a vehicle following along, I’m trying to get over the constant noise, it’s just a very different adventure crossing with one than without. I’m still riding my bike and carrying my gear, but it just feels like the silence and solitude of the desert is gone. As I got closer to the turn off I started battling a predicament, the vehicle owner Peter and I had a conversation last night and he told me he’s not comfortable talking his vehicle along the rig road because he’s never done it before and would like to take the French line. But all I know about the French line is it has very steep sand dunes and has been absolutely destroyed by four wheel drivers over the last few weeks. Where as the rig road I have put huge amounts of research into and know it’s going to be easier on the body and bike.