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Rested and ready-Expedition Dust day 22

My body is well rested and I'm just about ready to move on into the next stage of my journey. I have been in Meekathara for 3 days now and it's been an absolute treat! Last night I was up quite late writing haha I'm always up late writing (currently 1:30 am). One of the challenges with my ADHD is insomnia, its not a problem when I'm riding because I'm so worn out after a day on the bike, but when I don't do anything physical I pretty much don't sleep.

This morning I got up and made myself pancakes with lots of butter and lemon and sugar, Dylan had avocado on toast. After breakfast, I got back into bed opened my laptop and started writing, I was writing a few media releases and a few blogs for the amazing sponsors who help me make what I do a reality. I have to laugh a bit because I am incredibly dyslexic and writing is a real challenge for my brain, it's so bad even the artificial intelligence inside my devices can't figure out what I'm trying to write half the time. But I love telling stories and sharing my life journey, I just know it’s always going to take time. I wrote for most of the morning, at about 1140 I told Dylan he should load up his bike and go for a test ride. I finished off the last media release before opening the locked gate for him and sending him off! He pushed off confidently and the water must have moved around in the trailer because Dylan instantly started wobbling and swerving I screwed up my face and looked away as he narrowly avoided crashing into two parked cars. He regained control but I must confess, as he headed off and around the corner, I was a tad worried.

We had to move out of the room we had been staying in at Made In Meeka because it had been booked before we got there, so I cleaned it up changed the bedding and rolled the towels. Anna the owner said we could stay in the unit they were renovating for free so I was moving all our gear into that. At around 1500 I got on my bike and went down to the local high school to meet the Meekatharra District High principal Emma Cooke and ask if I could talk to the students and tell them all about my adventures. I left her my number and email and she told me she would give me a call. From there I went up to the local youth centre to meet some of the local kids and organise to share my story with them aswell.

I rode back to the accommodation to meet Dylan as he came back from his ride. Thankfully he was in one piece! I got a call from Emma and we organised for me to come and share my stories with the kids tomorrow! Dylan had a shower and we headed to the pub. We had ginger beers with our bike mate Aaron whole we waited for dinner. It was pasta night and it was absolutely fantastic.

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