Queensland -Expedition Dust day 90

I woke up itching my feet and hands all throughout the night , my mosquito bites are getting the best of me. I dragged myself out of bed and made my Radix with a huge scoop of peanut butter. My morning on the bike began on a salt lake, I thought that the hard crusty salt would be solid enough to hold the weight of me and my bike but I was wrong! As soon as I went out it cracked and I went through, it was dry and soft underneath, I might as well have been riding on sand.

The hills at the beginning of the day were rolling dunes that weren’t too big, roughly 3-4 m in height. It took me about 40 minutes to reach the turn off to knolls track where I would have popped out had I been on the Rig road. Just as I arrived a white troopy came powering over the hill with a trailer in tow. The family inside had taken the year off to travel Australia (the little girl in the back had the coolest looking dreadlocks!) They have been keeping a blog about artist life on the road. I asked if the kids in the back had seen any dingos but they said they and only seen footprints. I told them about the Dingo that follows me and they were so amazed. As they drove away I felt sad for them not having seen a Dingo. Without a lie as the dust from there vehicle settled ringo the Dingo appeared! I couldn’t believe it, my mate was back! He pranced along next to me for the next hour before disappearing into the thick mulga trees that I was riding through at the time.