Prenti Downs-Expedition Dust day 31

I woke up as the light started changing, I could hear a pack of dogs howling close by so I started howling back. I opened the tent door hoping to catch glimpse of them, but never did. The moon was beginning to set as I got up to stoke up the fire for a hot breakfast, the embers were still hot from last night so geting it going was no problem at all. Dylan makes his breakfast the night before so all he has to do is eat it but I like the process of making mine in the mornings. We packed up all our gear and set off towards Prenti Downs station where we planned to spend the night.

As expected Dylan powered off ahead and I just started spinning at my usual speed. It wasnt long until the track got sandy and I had to ride cross country through the bush to avoid the deep sand. We followed the rough trail for 12km, it then poped out onto Prenti Downs road. Without the cover of the bush the wind was blowing in full force, it was the strongest its been so far.