Not Tough just Resilient-Expedition Dust day 64

I woke up sweating like crazy, I had fallen alleep with the heater on in the small caravan that I have called home for the last week. I must have just missed Kara as she had left for work already when I came outside. Calumn was awake and eating his Radix for breakfast. I could sense that he was excited and he was also anxious about the unknowns that were about to become known. We loaded our gear into the newly welded, wildboy proofed Burley trailers and stealth bike bags.

This is the gear I had on my bike...

60 Radix meals Grill wire Pot cooker and fuel Pelican ruck20 case with satellite phone, hard drive 1 of 3 and spare memory cards. 10L of water Inreach device from Trackmenz Sleeping bag Kathmandu camp chair (my luxury item) VSSL survival and first aid capsule  Pump  Gopro hero 7 Camera (Lumix GH5s) Spare bike parts and tools My handmade Knife Cables for charging  2 Goal zero solar panels  Goal zero crush light Goal zero venture 70 (power bank) Goal zero Sherpa 100 (inverter/powerbank) Peanut butter and dates A fan (because it gets hot) A book that I haven’t touched since I started the trip... A chunk of Australian Sandalwood  Roll mat Warm jacket  Rain jacket  Backpack with spare clothes.