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Nostalgic Beds-Expedition Dust day 32

The small single bed I slept on last night was one of those beds that you know thousands of people have slept on. I’m not talking about a motel/ hotel bed, I’m talking about the kind you get in a old classic Bush hut with the rickety frame and bowed base that squeaks. If you know the kind of beds you get in shearing quarters then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. I spent a lot of time sleeping in beds like that when I walked around New Zealand, so it kinda gives me a feeling of nostalgia and reminds me to really appreciate the kindness of others.

Breakfast at Prenti downs was at 6:30, Basil the outback sausage dog escorted me to the main house where I consumed 9 weetbix with greek yogurt and canned peaches, followed by 3 eggs and 5 bits of bacon on toast. It was just what I needed before a big day on the bike. But on the way back to the room (with a very full belly) I decided that our legs could use a rest and even if Dylan felt like his were fine, I know if he wants to make it to the red centre in 30 days, his will definitly need one too. I was really keen to see what it was like to spend a day on a working station out here. I asked Louise it it was ok for us to spend one more night at the homestead and she said we were welcome to! I spoke to Dylan and we both agreed it was time for a rest day.

I jumped at the opportunity to get in the truck to cart a water tank out to some miners who were doing exploration work. It felt so strange to be in a truck after spending 33 days with a stiff leather seat bruising my ass. The truck bounced over the corrugations in the road sending thick red dust everywhere. We dropped the water tank off then the tanker truck filled it up with drinking water.

After that the truck broke down so we towed it along and rollstarted it, then it was off to pick up the old water tank from where the miners had been camping! At the spot where the pick up was there was a huge rock that shot up out of the earth.

I climbed it to get a few photos and see the view from up so high. It was spectacular! We ate lunch after we dropped the second watertank off at another exploration camp. Lunch was bacon and egg toasties. The farm jobs in the morning took the best part off the day and the the afternoon was all about relaxing.

When I got back to he house a large flock of pink and grey birds flew overhead. Dylan and I chatted over a few drinks before a yummy dinner of soup and lasagne. Tomorrow we are back spinning into the desert. One more night nostalgic bed.

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