Night riding-Expedition Dust day 29

We woke up with the idea of starting late and riding into the night, since we didn’t have to rush, everything we did was extra slow. Slow to get up, slow to pack up, slow to eat and slow to fix the flat trailer time that had gone flat overnight. It was nice having a relaxed morning. I made myself pancakes for breakfast with lemon and coconut sugar, definitely not the best nutritionally but bloody divine in the taste bud depatment.

In mekkathara I put tube goo inside the trailer tube. It is supposed to self seal any holes, so all I needed to do was pump it up and it was good to go again (or so I thought). I was all ready to go when Dylan spotted a loose bolt on the kick stand on my trailer. I got down to have a closer look and found that the screw and bolt on the other side was actually completely gone, it took a few minutes to tighten the fiddly bolt onto the screw but since the other one was gone it no longer stood up.