My First salt lake- Expedition Dust day 33

I set my alarm so I didn’t miss breakfast. At 0630 Dylan and I cruised over to the Prenti downs homestead. Breakfast on the station today was weetbix and canned pears with a home made yogurt (The yogurt was fantastic). While I was eating my bowl full of breakfast I was talking to Tim Carmody. He asked what time we wanted to leave and if we had time there was a chance to get in the sky for a flight over the outback! I pretty much said we can leave at any time and that I would love to see the land from the sky! Dylan went first, he took off from the homestead airstrip and tracked south east. I jumped in the truck with the Carmodys daughter and we started heading out to the Jump up bore. Their daughter is a really lovely woman, as we were driving along I looked into the side mirror and realised the plane was about to buzz over us, I popped my head out just as it flew over! I was getting so excited to go up!

They had landed by the time we arrived and were already pulling out the pump to repair the Bore. It was my turn! I mounted my Gopro 360 fusion, clambered in and off we went. It was a bit bumpy at first but in the best way. Seeing the outback from the sky first hand really made me realize how big this country is. We flew for 14 beautiful minutes before touching down at Sweetwatwater bore.