Mount Dare and beyond-Expedition Dust day 82

During the night things got a bit hectic. When we got into the tent the wind wasn’t too bad but about an hour later it felt like a full on sand storm was right on top of us. Ruby woke me up and said there was sand coming in the tent! I sprung into action, running around pegging the tent down properly so the dust stopped blowing under the fly and into the tent. Thankfully it worked, but it was a sandier dustier sleep than usual.

We packed up and began to make a plan for how Ruby was going to get to Mt Dare, she wanted to just wait on the side of the road for a vehicle to come past that had enough room for a bike and all her gear. I told her I wasn’t going to leave her on the side of the road with the bike because I know I couldn’t live with myself if something happened! In the end we decided that we would keep moving slowly towards Mt Dare and would flag the vehicles down and ask them to help her out. We headed onto the sandy excuse of a road and started moving. 

I would ride up ahead then stop and wait for Ruby to catch up.