Memories of home-Expedition Dust day 100

I woke up at first light to the birds singing. As they sung to one another I felt funny because it had been so long since I had heard birdsong like this. It was nostalgic, I was reminded of waking up with my partner in my home in New Zealand.

In summer I would get up and open the windows to our room then jump back into bed with Ngaio to listen to the sounds of the birds and to the ocean crashing against the cliffs. We would often lay there and wait for the unmistakable sound of our dogs little paws sneeking inside the house and down the hallway. She would wait just out of view and start making little excited noises until she heard the words “come on then”, she would then explode into life running at full pace into the room and (depending on just how excited she was) sometimes up onto the bed, quivering with happiness and getting the zoomies Around and around the room!