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Meet Dylan-Expedition Dust day 23

It’s our last day in Meekathara. It has been so wonderful resting and relaxing for the last 4 days. I think my body really needed it as it feels so much better now. Because I was up so late last night writing I slept in until about 0900. I got up got dressed then Dylan and I walked down to the supermarket to do the shop that would get us through to the next town.

I had a breakfast wrap to eat before making my way down to Meekathara highschool at 11:30 to share my story with the kids. Hopefully leaving a lasting impression that inspires them to get out into nature often and connect with what is real. I feel like my talk went well, the kids had loads of questions and loved watching the videos that I played.

I actually spoke to two separate groups. The high school group from 12-1 and then the year 5 and 6 from 1-2.

Over the afternoon and evening Dylan and I packed up the bikes and got ready to leave tomorrow morning. We had fried rice for dinner and washed it down with a ginger beer.

From here in Meeka, we will follow the road out of town making our way to Wiluna before once again heading out into the bush. Dylan will ride with me for the next 2003km all the way to Alice Springs. I can't wait to share his story with you all, I'm so excited to get back on the bike and start moving again!

A bit from dylan...

Dylan here, safe to say I’m stoked to be joining Brando on Expedition dust and being able to share the journey and his message of getting out there and following your dreams and not just talking about mental health and well-being but actually doing something about it and taking care of yourself.

I grew up on the sunny Gold Coast where most of my time was spent in the surf or on a footy field, this was my upbringing. These were the was things that kept me coming back to the classroom for so bloody long. As with Brando, I also have ADHD and have suffered depression and you’ll certainly hear more about it later on. But over the years I’ve found ways to lead a lifestyle I love that makes life for me a joyous experience. I’ve spent my working life on the beaches and more recently taking travellers around our glorious country up in Tropical Cairns with Barefoot Tours and more recently longer trips on the West Coast with the Why Not Bus. If you haven’t been to Western Australia you definitely have to check it out, it’s pretty epic!

This is definitely going to be an experience hopping on a bike laden with gear through the bush. I’m excited to see what emotions will surface and how I come to terms with them. I’m sure they’ll be some tears, certainly sweat, a bucket loads of laughs and hopefully some pretty content smiles along the dusty road towards the centre of Australia. Hold on tight because this is certainly going to be one hell of a ‘ride’.

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