Made in Meeka-Expedition Dust day 20/21

I arrived in Meekatharrara two days ago after my biggest day yet. I have travelled a long way already and I'm now in the biggest town between Steep Point and the Red Centre. Getting to Meekathara was really my first big objective and now that I'm here I'm having a few down days to catch up on all the things that make these adventures possible. My physical health and the obligations I have to my sponsors. 

The morning of day 20, I woke up in this small outback town, I was very sore and overtired, my body felt like it had been pushed to its absolute limit. For the first time in 19 days I slept past 0700 hours and it felt fantastic. It was about 0830 when I finally got out of bed, cleaned up then hobbled off to get breakfast. I was a bit gutted to find that if I had wanted the cooked breakst that came with my room I would have had to have ordered it the night before, so I settled with the continental option. The town is pretty much a mining town and all the blokes had eaten almost all of that too! I had 2 bits of toast and some bran flakes before leaving to find something a bit more substantial. With my bike fully packed I left the accommodation on the great Meekatharra food crawl! The first shop I got to had chicken and chips,after devouring that I carried on towards the supermarket. When I get to towns supermarkets and the museums are my two favourite places.