It’s all over for the trailer-Expedition Dust day 44

My name is Brando Yelavich. I’m currently cycling self supported from the most western point to the most eastern cape across the centre of Australia to lead by example and empower others to take care of their own mental wellbeing. 

It was another cold morning so I got the fire going for a hot breakfast. We packed up quickly today with the intentions of going at least 40km. Dylan was still putting the tent on his bike so I headed over to the pump to fill up our water for the day. He came over all excited saying ‘I just saw a Dingo, it walked right past the camp’! I spotted it a few moments later just on the tree line watching us, most likely hoping we would leave water for it witch we did. Just before we got properly set into riding for the day we headed over to Len Beadells gum tree. It’s one of the original markers on the track and had a plaque with distances to all the towns. The two of us climbed up into its branches to get a photo. I checked over my trailer fixing job and it looked like it was strong and would hold up atleast another 100km.