Into the dunes- Expedition Dust day 41

I emerged from the inside of my sleeping bag into the world of the light, outside was freezing cold and it was windy. The sun was already high in the sky but was providing no comfort from the southerly winds. I didn’t want to get out of bed today and I can feel I am slowly becoming worn out. I wish I wasn’t so slow at writing and could get to bed earlier, it takes me at least two hours to write each night.

Dylan made the first move and got out of the tent, he raced around saying “it’s so cold so so cold!” It definitely didn’t make me want to get out anymore than I did before. We packed up and headed down to the bottom of the hill to have my breakfast but first we walked over to the monument at the top of the hill and got a few photos. On our way back to the bikes we investigated the hill we had pushed our bikes up last night. It was mental, I took one look at it and just said there is no way I’m riding back down that. Dylan just about fell over laughing but agreed that it was way too steep. Dylan wanted to fill his bottles at the top of the hill so we decided I would meet him at the bottom, I headed off to find another way down. The route I chose was less than ideal I was dodging trees, it was rocky and went right through long grass. Once at the bottom I set up for breakfast,I had a chicken