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Ice ice baby-Expedition Dust day 25

With two bodies in the tent and a lot of moisture in the ground the condensation had built up on the tent and had started dripping onto my face, (Not the most pleasant way to wake up). I definitely didn’t want to stay in bed after that so getting up and going was pretty easy.

We both clambered out of the wet tent to find ice had formed on our bikes and gear, the temperature was officially freezing!

We made our breakfast and packed the tent away. Before we left I sat down and did an interview for my film, just talking about the first part of the expedition and how this life makes me feel! It was great to have Dylan their to prompt me to talk by asking me some questions I probably wouldn’t have asked myself. By 9:30 Dylan and I were out on the dirt road and had started heading off towards Wiluna.

The wind was ever so slightly blowing in my face, Dylan had charged off ahead to begin with and I knew that by the end of the day he would be tired. He will learn to pace himself if he wants to finish each day without breaking himself. The road was mostly straight with one small uphill section right in the middle of the day! With water I have worked out I drink 4.2L per day, so for this section to Wiluna I’m only carrying x2 10L for drinking and ten for if something goes wrong.

At lunch time we stopped on the side of the road and I ate some dates with peanut butter that Ngaio had sent for me. She’s an absolute star that women. She knows me so so well, she had sent a pack of my favorite gummy bears , some noodles, dates and chocolate to Meekathara so I had a few treats on the way to the next big settlement.

My phone came into cell so I called up the WILUNA school to try and organize to come in and talk to the kids! The little outback school is too busy for speakers at the moment As something sad has happened in the community recently (I don’t know what). I feel sad for the kids who miss out on this wonderful opportunity, they are the ones that need to hear my messages most.

Dylan was starting to get very tired by the afternoon and that was totally understandable. As we approached the end of the day we came across a small herd of cattle. Dylan was ahead and had stopped because he wasn’t sure what the big one was going to do. I had picked up some speed and wizzed past letting out a war cry to scare the cows away from the road.

We rode 86km today on some of the nicest freshly graded road I have ever ridden on in Australia. We got off the bikes at 5:40pm just as the sun was starting to disappear. We set up camp and cooked our dinner on the fire.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring...

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1 Comment

86 kms on really Dylans first day that's impressive on those loaded bikes. Your final comment 'who knows what tomorrow will bring' is just one aspect of what I love about adventure cycling.

BTW I didn't find any gold yesterday.

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