I think it’s broken-Expedition Dust day 36

My name is Brando Yelavich and I’m currently cycling self supported from the most western point to the most eastern cape across the centre of Australia to lead by example and empower others to take care of their own mental wellbeing. 

I woke up at 5:40 to call my fiancé Ngaio before she went to work. She is a radiographer and has just moved over to the Gold Coast and is loving her new job at a private clinic. I’m so proud of her and of us as a couple! We are both doing what we love and making it work. Something I do is send post cards of a letter from every town that has a post service. Sometimes i will send pressed flowers or stones that I have found on my travels. I love being able to do small things that I know will make her smile. It makes me feel good when she knows that distance changes nothing and the is still the most treasured part of my life.

Its almost like second nature for me to cook over a fire but today I made oats on a gas stove in a kitchen and just had to flick a button to heat the water for a hot milo! I packed up all my electronics and got myself organised to set off into the Gibson. Before we set off Jim and Chris came over with 5 oranges from the orchard, and from the garden a few fresh chillis, a Rock melon and a huge watermelon. I was so excited and told Dylan I would take one for the team and would carry the watermelon for us to eat at lunch. They have a few things you can buy from the station store so I got a pa