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I smell burgers-Expedition Dust day 13

It was easily 2-3 degrees this morning, I was cold. I have been sleeping naked most nights but I feel that is going to change from this point forward. As the light touched my camp I felt the warm sun that would soon heat the land to about 35 degrees.

I packed up faster than usual knowing a roadhouse burger for lunch was only 20km from me. As I didn’t have a big day ahead on the bike, I saved my Radix and breakfast this morning was dates and peanut butter - absolutely love this combo! It was first introduced to me by a hut squatter down on Stewart Island. (A hut squatter is someone who pretty much lives in huts going from one to the next, in my opinion it seems like quite a pleasant existence.)

I started riding in my jumper as there was a strong cold headwind that was giving me a chill, that chill only lasted about 5 minutes and then I was sweating like crazy. It was about that time when I realized there were no flys, NO FREEKING FLYS! The wind must have been too strong for their tiny little wings and blew them all away, it was also blowing me away but in that moment nothing could stop my fly free happiness. As I crested the final hill on the butchers track I spotted the road into Murchison, I was quite excited to see what my burger was going to look like. I turned right onto the gravel road and kept on spinning.

Brando cycling tip - outback only I actually ride on the right hand side of the road so I don’t have to look behind, the roads are so long and straight if something comes from in front of me I have ooodles of time to move out of its way.

About 5km out of Murchison the road was tar sealed, I spotted the white Camper truck I had seen 2 days ago when I was first on the butchers track, it was pulled over watching eagles sore about in the sky! The woman in the passenger seat started telling me about her dad who was about to set off from west to east in his truck as a support vehicle to someone flying a Micro lite across Australia. Just before I entered Murchison I came across a sign saying Errabiddy Bluff I had to stop and take a photo for Errabiddy to see! (Haha I’m so funny..)

Murchison has a Airport so after checking there were no planes I did what any insane biker would do and pretended I was one, I was going pretty fast but unfortunately my bikes not very aerodynamic so it never actually left the ground...

I could almost smell my burger as I passed the welcome to Murchison sign but was distracted yet again by a sign saying Museum, I popped in to see what was on display and find out a bit more about this part of Australia, lots of interesting stuff in there! It was time for my burger I cruised over to the roadhouse and asked for one carton of juice and the biggest burger you make, It all went down a treat. I filled up with another 20l of water as I’m roughly 6 days from Meekatharra and always like to carry an extra 2 days Incase I need it. Finally I wrote a short letter to my Fiancé Ngaio and then I was off, back to the sign Errabiddy loves (hehe). When I got there I turned right and started following a fenceline. It didn’t take long for me to realise I was on the wrong side of this fence and that it wasn’t to keep things in it was to keep things out and off the runway so when I got to the end I was left wondering how I’m going to get all 160kg of myself and gear over. I jumped it no problem then loosed the bottom wire at the post so I could pull the wire upwards and drag my bike then my trailer underneath. I started riding, dodging the trees and avoiding the deep sand. I did good in some places and was pushing in others! I came to an opening in the bush where the ground was covered in large white quarts rocks it was very contrasting on the red dirt. Suddenly I herd that familiar hiss my tires make when they have a hole in them but this time it was from the very back, my trailer tyre had not 1 but 7 thorns in it! I haven’t patched a tire since I got my bike license back in primary school! I pulled the thorns out of the tyre then removed the tube from inside. Thankfully only 3 of the thorns made holes! I was delighted to see that my patches already had glue on them so I slapped 3 of them on pumped it up and kept on riding for about an hour. I rode towards some large rocks and I set up camp behind them.

As I watched the sun set I called Ngaio on the satellite phone to check in and find out how she’s doing! She misses me just as much as I miss her. Ngaio flys to Australia tomorrow, she’s going to work as a Radiographer on the Gold Coast. I’m so lucky to have met such a smart, strong and wonderful woman!

Dinner was Radix carrot and coriander and a handful of pork crackle. I put the fly on my tent tonight so hopefully I don’t get as cold.

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Michael Moore
Michael Moore
Jun 03, 2019

I'm really enjoying "travelling" with you along this extraordinary journey Brando... sharing every step if the way with us back here in Aotearoa is a delight, a privilege and special to be taken along on your amazing ride. I'll put a piece about your expedition in the next NZgonatural naturist magazine!


Cobie Curtis
Cobie Curtis
Jun 02, 2019

Awesome you can get burgers at the odd place. Well done for tackling the fence and thorns. Kiwi engicunning, Errabiddy loves your posts. 🤣


Marilyn Blomfield
Marilyn Blomfield
Jun 01, 2019

Nasty thorns and lucky you have self glued patches.

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