I smell burgers-Expedition Dust day 13

It was easily 2-3 degrees this morning, I was cold. I have been sleeping naked most nights but I feel that is going to change from this point forward. As the light touched my camp I felt the warm sun that would soon heat the land to about 35 degrees.

I packed up faster than usual knowing a roadhouse burger for lunch was only 20km from me. As I didn’t have a big day ahead on the bike, I saved my Radix and breakfast this morning was dates and peanut butter - absolutely love this combo! It was first introduced to me by a hut squatter down on Stewart Island. (A hut squatter is someone who pretty much lives in huts going from one to the next, in my opinion it seems like quite a pleasant existence.)

I started riding in my jumper as there was a strong cold headwind that was giving me a chill, that chill only lasted about 5 minutes and then I was sweating like crazy. It was about that time when I realized there were no flys, NO FREEKING FLYS! The wind must have been too strong for their tiny little wings and blew them all away, it was also blowing me away but in that moment nothing could stop my fly free happiness. As I crested the final hill on the butchers track I spotted the road into Murchison, I was quite excited to see what my burger was going to look like. I turned right onto the gravel road and kept on spinning.