I have my mind back-Expedition Dust day 48-51

First of all I’m alive and well, I would like to apologise for not writing and sharing my journey with you for the last 5 days. I’m sorry. Upstairs, my brain has been having an emotional meltdown because of a conversation Dylan and I had around the campfire about a week ago, it opened up a mental jar off worms from my past and really slingshoted me into a pit of negativity and I have been fighting to climb back out. Most of the worms have escaped now so hopefully won’t come back in the same capacity ever again. 

This is what’s been happening... After arriving in Warburton 5 days ago we had a much deserved rest day. The next morning I got up alone and headed into the Aboriginal community to share my story with the kids at the local school. They were just shutting down for the term so everything was a bit to complicated and difficult to present to the kids, so I ended up playing some basketball and showing them some of my videos. Community Schools out here are very different to most schools I have ever been too.