Hot Showers in a desert compound-Expedition Dust day 47

The sunrise this morning was phenomenal.

As unzipped the tent the sky was filled with a pink light. I got out, onto the red dirt and began making my way up to the top of the nearest sand dune so I could feel the warmth of the first of the day's rays. I stood there for a few moments just breathing in the cool morning air, listening to the silence of the desert. When I looked back down to the tent I could see Dylan had also got out and was preparing his breakfast. About 100 m behind him was a curious young camel bull that was quietly investigating the two strange creatures that just spent the night in its home. I made my way back down to the tent because Dylan was stoking the fire and I wanted to get my breakfast rehydrated. It's so easy in the morning to be able to just add water, hot or cold, then eat and not worry about cleaning anything. I made myself an apple and cinnamon breakfast before getting into the almost autonomous packing routine I have developed over the last 47 days. We set off towards Warburton at 0830.