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Hot pools in the desert-Expedition Dust day 84

Being here is making me home sick. I got into Douhousiey camp a bit late last night and didn’t have a chance to soak my body before bed, so today was my day! This is the first proper water hole I have seen since I left the west coast and this one happens to be 37• degrees. Just what my sore achy body needs.

Just after ten I headed down to the spring, took my clothes off and made my way down the steps and into the natural hot water. I couldn’t believe how good it felt on my body,  I floated around eventually settling into a spot under some trees. I started feeling something on my back then my legs then my feet! I looked at my body and spotted hundreds of little tiny fish that had come together and were nibbling at my skin.

It felt strange and tickly.

It’s crazy to think the fish in this spring must have been here in the water for hundreds of years slowly growing and changing. How does a fish live in hot water anyway!? My hands had turned into prunes so I reluctantly got out and headed back to start packing my bike.

I have chosen not to tow the trailer across the Simpson, mainly because the large Pelican Case I have been using to safely all my Lumix Camera gear and Rode audio equipment is now with Ben in the vehicle. The other reason is because I’m doing it on my own, the need to carry anyone’s extra gear is gone. My burley trailer will be waiting for me on other side of the desert so until then it will just be my bike and I.

I have also decided that because I’m carrying 50L of water i am ditching my tent and am just planning on sleeping under the stars. Food is easy because I have my Radix meals.

It took me most of the day to sort through the gear. I was lucky enough to eat with Ben, Peter and Louie tonight, Peter made lamb chops with potato and carrot mash it was amazing! Tomorrow I ride to the beginning of the Simpson desert and one day closer to my partners open arms.

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