Here comes the Simpson-Expedition Dust day 83

Waking up in a bed was such a strange feeling. I could hear Ruby muttering something in her sleep, I am a bit sad she is leaving, it’s been such a wonderful journey with her. Learning about Ruby and helping her push herself through something that, at times she thought was pointless and stupid, has been a special experience. I took a deep breath and smiled because I am alive and what better reason to smile than that! 

Mt Dare is pretty much the edge of the Simpson desert, well in my mind it is. It’s the last place to get a beer and a meal until Birdsville so I decided I would treat myself to Bacon and eggs, the legend who made it for me gave me a sausage and beans on the side for free! He must have either thought I was skinny or knows what I’m getting myself into!

Ruby came over and gave me a very emotional hug. Every time things got really tough during our time together I would try and give her the most wholesome hug I could muster but if often felt like it was just me doing the hugging. This goodbye hug was different, i felt a connection, I was saying farewell to a friend.