Headwinds-Expedition Dust day 103

From the comfort of my sleeping bag and away from the hoards of flies outside I checked the weather on my Garmin inreach device from my sponsor Trackmenz. Unfortunately it was strong winds from the south east. Dad got up and got the fire going. The spot we were camping at was like a mine field for prickles and the moment the sun was high enough to heat the ground, out came the biggest bull ants I have ever seen. I poured water into the pot from my 10L bag on the back of my bike and set it up over the fire to boil for breakfast. Both dad and I started packing up our gear so that once we had eaten we could get on the road. We talked about how big the day was going to be, dad said he was going to need to rest every few hours so he didn’t pass out before the end of the day. I was happy with that because I knew it was going to be a bloody hard day. As I was putting the final strap over the trailer the stick holding the bike up snapped sending everything flying out of my trailer and onto the ground, it was not a good start to the day. It didn’t take long to clean up with dad holding the bike for me and once sorted we followed a cattle track back to the sealed road.