Heading to Birdsville -Expedition Dust day 102

I woke up to the sound of birdsong again this morning, there are all sorts of different sounds that my ears are so unfamiliar with. I got out of my Kathmandu sleeping bag and headed down to the river to check on the Yabbi pot, I clambered down the slippery bank to where it was tied up. I grabbed the rope and started to pull the pot, it was heavy, I was excited, maybe the worlds biggest yabbi was inside! Unfortunately there was nothing inside except for a small stick that made everything drag in the mud. I packed it up along with the rest of my gear and then sat down with dad to film an interview for the film I’m making. Just before we got on the bikes dad checked the air pressure and put a little more air in because they had started to get low. With tighter tires the bumps on the way from our camp spot in the bush to the road were very hard on the body.

As we turned onto the road the wind was blowing hard in our faces, today was going to be a big day as we were going to have a headwind for its entirety. Progress was slow over the morning and the road was busy, the road trains are absolutely terrifying, I get well off the road for them! Some of the divers on the road don’t slow down at all and are often towing big oversized camper trailers or campervans along the single lane road. There not all bad but the old retired travelers have actually gained themselves quite a bad reputation and are known by users of the road as Gray nomads. When anything except a truck is coming towards me I make sure I put myself in the middle of the road when there about 500m away so that they see me and it forces them to slow down to give me some more room.