Goodbye Mark-Expedition Dust day 98

I woke up and started my day with writing, I had fallen asleep halfway through the blog the night before. The blog along with fixing the new camera holders meant the day was going to be another late start. I put my headphones in to block out the sound of the flies, it took me about an hour to finish what I was writing and then send it to Ngaio on the satellite device.

Breakfast was leftovers from last nights stew with an added tin of chilly beans to bulk it up.

It was 1130 when we got on our bikes and said our goodbyes to Mark. I was so happy he had come out with dad, it was such a cool surprise! Incase you missed it, a week ago Mark drove all the way from his home for 22 hours with my dad and then met me on the edge of the Simpson Desert. He really changed the camp vibes in a positive way by whipping up roasts, stews and huge T-Bone steaks! Its literally been a week of outback feasting. I am sad to see him go so soon but it was a total blessing having him hanging out with us.