For Cory, a brave warrior who lost his battle-Expedition Dust day 67

For Cory, a brave warrior who lost his battle.

My brain was a jumble all last night, when I actually finally finished my daily post it was 4am. After a few hours sleep my phone rang and woke me, it was Ben Savage, one of the camera guys. He is trying to get a vehicle to take him across the Simpson desert so he can film my journey. He doesn’t have a ride sorted yet but hopefully when I get to Alice he will have come up with a plan. I wish I could have gone back to sleep at this point but I was way too awake so there was no chance. I got out of bed and into the morning sun, hoping somehow I could absorb some of its energy to get me through the day.

I was so tired, I walked like a zombie to the toilet block to brush my teeth and when I came back I found Calumn talking to a lady. As I approached them Calumn pointed towards me and said ‘this is his trip I’m just along for the ride’. She introduced herself as Lee and at this point was quite emotional and had tears running down her cheeks. She told me I reminded her of her son who she had lost to depression. I opened my arms wide and embraced her with a long hug. We talked for a while about what I do and that I’m doing it for my own mental journey and to empower others to deal with any problems and not hide them. She wanted to help and handed me some money. Lee’s partner Malcom came over and we talked some more about mental health and the journey ahead. I gave them both a big hug before they left.  This is a message for men, boys, males. We are all pretty god dam aware of mental health, it’s something we all have. As men we have grown up in a world where it is normal to be stoic during dark times. We try with all our might and masculinity to protect our emotions, why? Because you feel like it will make you look effeminate? Look weak? That’s the biggest bunch of shit I have ever heard. Men, we need to be fierce warriors, but move past the ancient idea that to survive we must hide our emotions and suppress our feelings. To survive today we need to communicate effectively openly and honestly. It’s time to find balance and let go of the things that are causing any suffering. It’s time to start treating yourself like someone you love!