Five hundred kilometres-Expedition Dust day 15

I woke to a large kangaroo jumping past my tent ‘Thud thud thud’ I wasn’t ready to start my day though so I rolled over and closed my eyes again. After 20 minutes I decided to make a move, I felt like I could have just stayed in my sleeping bag all day. I could hear the wind blowing and knew because of the way it was pushing my tent it was going to be a tough day.

I packed up and checked that my trailer tyre patch repair was holding air, then I was ready to go.

As I left I got my drone in the sky and took some photos and video of me riding. For about the first 40 minutes I sang at the top of my lungs... I didn’t see any kangaroos after that haha. The trail I was on took me to the Gum tree well, above most of the wells is a wind turbine and this one was spinning away pumping water into troughs for the animals. The route towards the next well was pretty straight forward (literally) I continued straight along a rough animal track until I reached Deep well. Deep well wasn’t in good shape, it’s wind turbine was a twisted pile of metal and the pit was dry. A flood came through in April and must have wiped it out. It also buried any signs of an old track, so now I was just riding in as straight a line as possible between the wells maeked on my map (hoping to come across some kind of track).

It wasn’t long until I could feel I had a flat trailer tyre again. I fixed it up and kept on riding, about 5 minutes later it was flat again with yet another thorn. This same process happened another 3 times, it’s so frustrating!